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College News

  1. Group of students inside the Royal Exchange Theatre

    Aquinas students get a “Taste of Honey”

    L6 Drama A Level visited the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester on Tuesday 26th March to watch the latest theatre production and participate in a career’s focused Q+A session with the actors from the show. The play was written by 18 year old Shelagh Delaney back in 1958 and is... Read More

  2. Photograph of Pathways artwork at Merseyway in Stockport

    Pathways Help Create Environmental Mural

    Pathways students have been collecting lids from bottles, kindly donated by Aquinas students, the Pathways staff and their families for a recycling project working with Plastic Shed in Stockport. They are a community based charity focussed on addressing the issue of plastic pollution with social projects. The students have been... Read More

  3. Photograph of Harry working out solutions to the problem.

    Harry’s Coding Triumph

    Inversity is a program supported by leading technology firms and government that aims to solve some of worlds ‘s most important challenges. It aims to help college students develop essential technology skills and an understanding of how to apply artificial intelligence to create solutions to real world problems. By doing... Read More

  4. Aquinas College’s India Project

    Aquinas College’s India Project is making a significant difference in the lives of underprivileged children in Mumbai. Since 2005, the college has partnered with Prem Dan, a Catholic charity running schools for preschool children in the city’s slums. This year alone, Aquinas  46 students accompanied volunteered at Prem Dan, where... Read More

  5. Photograph of a group of politics students outside the White House.

    Trip to Washington DC

    A group of Politics A level students visited Washington DC to supplement their understanding of US Government and Politics. The weather in DC was lovely, cold but bright. Perhaps the highlight of the trip was a visit to the New York Times’ Washington Bureau to meet with a selection of... Read More

  6. Photograph of a group of Media students visiting New York

    Media Students Visit New York

    A group of 28 enthusiastic Media and Film students at Aquinas recently embarked on the highly anticipated New York City trip, marking the re-launch of the trip post-COVID. There was a packed itinerary that included an amazing tour of the Radio City Music Hall venue on 5th Avenue, breath-taking views... Read More

  7. Networking Catholic Education Today image of the front cover, Winter Term 2024.

    Anna Tackles the Difficult Questions

    We would like to promote a recent article which was written by our Head of RE (Anna Taylor) for January edition of the national Catholic ‘Networking’ magazine. Anna discusses the problems which arise when tackling emotive topics about conflict in CoreRE, and looked specifically at the current middle Eastern conflict... Read More

  8. A group of BTEC IT students visit ANS in Manchester

    BTEC IT Visit to ANS Manchester

    Some of our BTEC IT students recently went on a trip to the offices of ANS in Manchester. ANS are an IT services company that specialise in providing IT solutions and services to businesses, including cloud computing, digital transformation, cybersecurity, and managed services. They provided the students with a tour... Read More

  9. Guests discuss a live on camera for AQ News.

    AQ News goes Live: Exciting New Enrichment Project

    Exciting times unfold at Aquinas College as we proudly announce the launch of AQ News, our dynamic College News Broadcast. In its inaugural installment, AQ News takes you on a journey through the latest updates at Aquinas, such as the India Project, a special guest interview from the Student Council... Read More

  10. Guest Leah Burman talks about her parents experience of the Holocaust.

    Holocaust Memorial Day at Aquinas College

    In remembrance of Holocaust Memorial Day on the 27th January, we were very grateful to Leah Burman and Stuart Ferster who came to speak to our students in CoreRE on behalf of the Northern Holocaust Education Group. The speakers talked about their own parent’s experiences at the hands of the... Read More

  11. North Korean defector Timothy Cho giving a lecture in the theatre.

    Great Escape

    We were honoured to welcome Timothy Cho to come and speak to our students in Core RE last week. Timothy Cho is a North Korean human rights activist and two-time defector. He has been imprisoned four times in North Korea and China, before escaping to the UK (via the Philippines).... Read More

  12. A group of students attend chapel service in the chapel.

    Advent Liturgy in the Chapel

    Our Advent liturgy at Aquinas has ignited the Christmas spirit in our college community, with all Core RE classes attending a chapel service for a time of reflection around the crib. Each of the figures from the nativity scene were revisited through a deep meditation, and moments of reflection on... Read More