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Aquinas students get a “Taste of Honey”

Group of students inside the Royal Exchange Theatre

L6 Drama A Level visited the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester on Tuesday 26th March to watch the latest theatre production and participate in a career’s focused Q+A session with the actors from the show. The play was written by 18 year old Shelagh Delaney back in 1958 and is a stunning portrayal of the complex bond between a mother and daughter who, despite their sharp bickering, are both holding on for that Taste of Honey. Emma Baggott, the Director has been looking forward to bringing this revolutionary text to new audiences which is set in Manchester and the Royal Exchange Theatre performance is a stone’s throw away from Salford where Delaney was born. This is a radical and courageous play which centres working class women at the centre of the drama and not as subordinate to the interests of male characters. The play explores themes around care and responsibility; love, sex and friendship; gender, class and race. This performance features Jill Halfpenny as Helen and Rowan Robinson as Jo. The students will be expanding their study of the play and the performance into exam focused review work for the A level.

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Royal Exchange Theatre