Health and Social Care BTEC

BTEC Health and Social Care is equivalent in size to one A-Level over two years. There are six units, three of which are mandatory. All coursework is internally assessed. This course provides a broad basis of study for the health and social care sector and is designed to support progression into higher education when taken alongside other BTEC or A Level subjects.

  • Course Outline
    • The course covers topics relevant across the health and social care sector, these include:

      Developing Effective Communication in Health and Social Care

      Studied in Year 1 of the course, this unit will enable you to understand effective communication, barriers that may exist and ways to overcome these. You will have the opportunity to gain interpersonal skills needed to embark on a career within the health or social care sectors.

      Equality, Diversity and Rights in Health and Social Care

      This unit will develop your understanding of concepts related to equality, diversity and rights in health and social care. You will gain knowledge of discriminatory practice and means of combatting this. You will also study national initiatives that promote anti-discriminatory practice in health and social care settings.

      Development Through the Life Stages

      In this unit you will discover the different stages throughout the human lifespan and develop your understanding of both the physical and psychological changes of ageing and be able to apply theories of ageing to health and social care provision.

      Health, Safety and Security in Health and Social Care

      Studied in Year 2, this unit will offer an in depth understanding of health, safety and security of individuals in a health and social care context. You will explore legislation, policies and procedures and understand the purpose of risk analysis. You will learn how to deal with incidents and emergencies in a health and social care context.

      Anatomy and Physiology for Health and Social Care

      Throughout this unit you will discover aspects of anatomy and physiology of human body systems and gain an overview of the organisation of the human body, by looking at how and why body systems work together to provide energy for the body. You will also have the opportunity to investigate and understand how homeostatic mechanisms operate in the body.

      Nutrition for Health and Social Care

      This unit develops your understanding of nutritional health, particularly relating to users of health and social care services such as ways nutrition and diet can maintain or improve overall health and wellbeing. The function and sources of the main nutrients will be investigated in relation to the contribution they make to healthy physiological functioning of the body.

  • Career opportunities and further study
    • This course is generally taken alongside other qualifications and will then enable learners to progress to a range of degree programmes within the health and social care sector. These include;

      • Nursing Primary Education
      • Social Work
      • Sports studies
      • The BTEC also provides employability skills such as; cognitive and problem solving skills, intrapersonal skills (such as working collaboratively) and interpersonal skills (such as resilience and self management)
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