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Aquinas goes Green: Our Commitment to Net Zero

Solar panels on the college roof

Sustainability is at the centre of every decision made when it comes to the Aquinas College Estate. Over recent years the college has worked hard to reduce its carbon footprint. A couple of recent examples of this include a £500k project to replace all of our lighting with intelligent LED fixtures, Installation of dynamic boiler controls and the upgrading of our (BEMS) building and environmental management systems.

This year the college went further. Over the summer, Aquinas installed 615 intelligent solar panels onto the roofs of both college buildings which cover a surface area of 1,200 m2. These systems will generate a massive 20% of the college’s power requirements in a sustainable way. To put this into context, 20% of our energy equates to £56.6k in saved revenue for the college over the course of a year with current energy prices.

Projects completed over the past five years have reduced our carbon footprint by a huge 22% putting the college on track to reach the net zero targets set by the government. Examples of projects we have completed and Co2 savings generated are detailed in the table below.

Project Equivalent tonnes of Co2 saved Equivalent trees planted
Solar Project 31 tCO2e 1,178
LED Lighting Project 33 tCO2e 1,254
Boiler Controls Upgrade 17 tCO2e 646
BEMS Upgrade

21 tCO2e 798
Boiler Controls Upgrade 17 tCO2e 646
Diverted 100% of waste away from landfill 8.5 tCO2e 323
An areal view of the college with the new solar panels installed.Solar panels on the roof of the sports hall