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Guest Speaker – Professor Helen Woodruffe-Burton

Professor Helen Woodruffe-Burton is a lecturer at Edge Hill University. Last week, 9th February ’17, she came in to college to deliver a talk to our students on the topic of consumer behaviour and the principles of marketing.


A class room full of students from subjects such as media and business attended, developing their knowledge of the techniques brands use in advertisements.

Helen provided students with copies of her PowerPoint presentation, allowing them to take notes and use it as a revision tool, vital for the months ahead!

She was a very engaging speaker, quickly grabbing the attention of the students in the audience, talking about the separation of production and consumption, the idea of self-concept and self-image; just a couple of the many ways that brands look to appeal to consumers.

The students were encouraged to be involved in the presentation, being asked to analyse a few different examples of advertisements, some in poster form and others in video format. Comedic value was derived from a classic Hamlet Cigars ad, analysed by students to have no discernible link to the product, but used to capture an image for the brand.

The lecture by Professor Helen Woodruffe-Burton lasted just over the hour mark with students commenting at the end that they had found the talk extremely interesting.

Many thanks to Professor Woodruffe-Burton for taking the time to come to Aquinas and work with our students.

(Article by Tom Davies, SMBC Apprentice on placement at Aquinas)