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Professor Keeley Crockett talks about Artificial Intelligence

Professor Keeley Crockett from Manchester Metropolitan University gives a talk on artificial intelligence.

Professor Keeley Crockett from Manchester Metropolitan University visited Aquinas to give a talk on the current developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the ethical considerations created through this new emerging technology. Having sought input from the audience of students and staff concerning their understanding of what is meant by the term “Artificial Intelligence”, Keeley provided the official definition and proceeded to provide an overview of how generative AI systems such as “ChatGTP” are developed and trained. Prof Crockett also gave an insight into the collaborative global work being done on a set of principles to govern future developments of AI. This led onto an interesting Q&A session with Aquinas students providing excellent responses around the current and future uses of AI use across society.

Introduction slide about the talks on Ethical Artificial Intelligence