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Attendance Policy

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Aquinas College regards attendance as a fundamental part of the Student College agreement and an important prerequisite for the highest levels of achievement. All staff adopt a consistent and transparent approach and expectations are clearly communicated to students and parents.

Students must attend all lessons and we ask them to treat college as they would professional employment. Students should be on time and ready to work. Unexplained absences will be challenged by subject teachers. Only parents/carers can authorise absences. Continued poor attendance will result in students losing their place at Aquinas.

Roles and Responsibilities


Students are expected to attend all of their lessons punctually. If a student cannot attend college for any reason, or needs to leave college part way through the timetabled day, they must inform Student Information. Parents or guardians are required to corroborate reasons for absence. Students who experience genuine attendance difficulties will be offered prompt and appropriate support.


Support from parents is essential to maintain the highest levels of attendance. If the student is unable to attend for any reason the college should be notified as soon as possible – by phone or in writing. Students have a two week window to authorise their absence with satisfactory explanation. If no reasonable explanation is given in that window, they will be marked with a permanent unauthorised absence mark.

Parents are provided with attendance figures each half term on the subject review. If a particular concern should arise, parents are informed promptly. Parents and carers can monitor student attendance on the Parent Portal.


Staff strive to foster good attendance and punctuality. Staff respond to all absenteeism firmly and consistently, but always endeavour to take account of individual circumstances.

Reasons for Absence

Acceptable reasons for absence (authorised absence):
  • Sickness
  • University open days (3 maximum)
  • University interviews
  • Hospital / orthodontist appointments / serious illness supported by appropriate evidence
  • Practical driving test
  • Bereavement / funeral
  • Religious holidays
  • College trips and visits
Unacceptable reasons for absence (unauthorised absence):
  • Routine medical and dental appointments as they should be booked outside of class times
  • Driving lessons
  • Driving theory tests
  • Holidays taken in term time


Attendance Policy