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Complaints Procedure

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Aquinas College wishes to ensure that any member of the college community i.e. employees of the college, parents of students, neighbours of the college, or in fact any member of the public, feels that they are treated in accordance with the values made explicit in the college’s Statement of Purpose, Values and Vision.

The College welcomes your comments and criticisms

Complaints tell us when you are not happy with a service and this gives us the opportunity to put things right.

Comments/suggestions provide ideas on how we can improve our services.

Therefore anyone who feels unhappy with the way they have been treated by any member of staff (teaching or support), student or other member of the college should be encouraged to make a complaint.

Complaints can be made formally or informally, verbally or in writing.

Anonymous complaints cannot be investigated without verification of who the person is who is making the complaint as the College has to ensure that it is not a scurrilous claim. The person who is making a claim can state that they wish their identity to remain confidential to the Principal / senior member of staff. If the complainant still wishes to remain anonymous the college will consider the complaint outside of this process and will act accordingly.

The College aims to ensure that all concerns/complaints received are dealt with promptly, fairly, professionally and efficiently.

All concerns/complaints will be taken seriously and viewed positively as an opportunity to receive constructive feedback so that improvements may be made.

All concerns/complaints will be treated with confidentiality, unless there is a serious threat to your personal safety or that of a member of staff or others or where there is a legal requirement to disclose the information.

The college has established a simple procedure to ensure that all members of the college feel they are encouraged to complain if they are unhappy about any aspect of college life.

This following steps aim to provide a level of treatment over and above the minimum required by law.

What steps should you take if you have a concern/complaint/comments/suggestions?

If you feel concerned and / or worried about something to do with the College, or would like to make a suggestion about how we can improve our service, the following information explains what you should do:

Informal Concern/Complaint

It is preferable, both for the person making the complaint and the one against the complaint is made, that the complaint is taken up at the time of the problem and resolved by the parties concerned, informally in the first instance.

Students – As explained in the Student Handbook and College Prospectus students are encouraged to approach any member of staff about any matter with which they are not happy. All staff are committed to the individual care and support of students.

If the concern/complaint is about aspects of their lesson/course they should raise the matter with their classroom teacher in the first instance. If the concern/complaint is about their classroom teacher they should raise the matter with their group tutor or senior tutor. Alternatively they may speak to any member of staff who may be able to raise the matter on their behalf.

For all students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, the college is happy for someone else to make a complaint on their behalf if they have asked them to do so. Such students requiring help with a complaint may be able to get advice from Skill: The National Bureau for Students with Disabilities (telephone 0800 328 5050).

Staff – if the concern/complaint is employment related, the College’s Grievance Procedure should be followed.

Formal Concern/Complaint

There will be occasions, however rare, when a formal procedure is required. Or, if the outcome of taking an informal approach is unsatisfactory or impractical the formal complaints procedure will apply. Formal complaints procedure PDF.

Formal complaints can be made by using the form below or alternatively in writing, setting out the nature of the concern/complaint, including the names of those against whom the complaint is being made, the time, date and place the incident took place and the name of any witnesses to the incident. (Please include a description of any action you took to resolve the complaint informally). Complaints in writing should be directed to the Principal, either by email to the Principal’s Secretary or by post addressed to the Principal, Aquinas College, Nangreave Road, Stockport SK2 6TH.


The form below can also be used for any member for the college community wishing to make any comments/suggestions on how we may be able to improve our service. Alternatively, if preferred, you can email Any suggestions will be gratefully received, considered appropriately and acted upon as and where necessary. Suggestions will not normally be responded to unless it is felt necessary to do so.

  • Please indicate the nature of the incident about which you are complaining, including the names of those against whom the complaint is being made, the time, date and place the incident took place and the name of any witnesses to the incident. (Please include a description of any action you took to resolve the complaint informally).
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.