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Sixth Form Admissions Policy

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Aquinas College is the partner sixth form college to

  • Harrytown Catholic High School
  • St. Anne’s RC Voluntary Academy
  • St. James’ Catholic High School in Stockport
  • St. Thomas More School in Buxton

Students attending these schools have priority of admission.

Priority will also be given to cared for children in the care of a Local Authority or children that were cared for by the Local Authority and immediately after that became subject to an adoption, child arrangements or special guardianship order.

Applications are also welcome from Catholic students not currently attending one of the partner schools, as well as from non-Catholic students who wish to continue their education in a Christian environment.

The Governors are committed to maintaining the College’s open access admissions policy. Applications will therefore be considered in the following order of priority.

Category 1A
Catholic applicants from the college’s Catholic partner schools
Children in public care (cared for children) or previously cared for.

Category 1B
Catholic applicants from other schools
Applicants may be asked to provide proof of baptism

Category 1C
Non-Catholic applicants from Catholic schools

Category 1D
Brothers and sisters of present students, or former students who have completed a study programme with us within the past 6 years, and children of current staff and governors of the college.

The relationship of step brother/sister is not an automatic qualification for category 1D and such applications will be considered on an individual basis.

Category 2
Other applicants

Courses followed by students depend on what has already been achieved at GCSE and on the student’s future plans. Each case is considered individually. The study of some advanced courses may require a particular level of achievement at GCSE.

When considering any application we take into account several key factors:

  • Commitment to study at Aquinas
  • Appreciation of and commitment to the college’s distinctive ethos
  • Wider interests and the contribution the applicant might make to the college community
  • Whether the applicant currently attends a school located in Stockport
  • Since it is not possible to offer every student a place at Aquinas the quality of the application is important and all deadlines must be met.

Following application, all category 1 applicants will have an interview. Category 1 offers will be made before Christmas. Category 2 applicants will be assessed and those selected for further consideration will receive an email inviting them to come for an interview in January. Category 2 offers will be made in February.

The only necessary conditions for admissions are:

  • an ability to benefit from an available course of study
  • a commitment to work
  • a commitment to the college ethos and community
  • acceptance of the Student/College Agreement

If you have any questions about admissions, please do not hesitate to contact We are always happy to help.