College News

  1. Congratulations Class Of 2018!

    Congratulations to our students who received their A Level and BTEC results yesterday. We are delighted for them and we are very proud of their achievements. We have an A Level Pass Rate of 98.4% and over 52% high grades of A*, A and B. 81 of our students achieved at

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  2. AMS Neve trip

    Aquinas music technology students visit ‘Art of Sound’ exhibition

    On Thursday 12th July 8 Music Technology students and 3 members’ of staff visited the ‘Art of Sound’ exhibition and factory tour at AMS Neve in Burnley. AMS Neve is a manufacturer of mixing consoles that originated in the work of Rupert Neve in the 1960s. Neve analogue consoles have been considered to be of such

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  3. KPMG e safety

    eAmbassadors top of the class

    Some of the College’s eAmbassadors were recently able to attend a training session on eSafety and Cyber Security at KPMG’s offices in Manchester. The eAmbassadors are a group of students who offer peer-to-peer support on technology and raise awareness of issues such as eSafety with their fellow students. The trip to KPMG was a great opportunity to increase

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  4. Open Evenings – and Open Day

    This year open events are on Saturday 29th September 2018 10.00am – 1:00pm Wednesday 10th October 2018 6:30pm – 8:30pm Thursday 1st November 2018 6:30pm – 8:30pm The open evenings/day will give you the opportunity to visit the departments and talk to subject teachers. There is also a brief formal address and an

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  5. War Horse Lowry

    War Horse Theatre Trip

    Aquinas Drama students at the Lowry! All of the L6 Drama A level students were visiting the Lowry Theatre in Salford to see War Horse on 20th June and the excitement was barely containable! What a fantastic performance; a real celebration of the outstanding creativity of the National Theatre. The

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  6. Anthony Trevelyan

    Be inspired by author, teacher Anthony Trevelyan!

    “It’s been a great and lasting pleasure to combine writing fiction with teaching at Aquinas. I’m always grateful for the ways in which my students help me to see things differently, to imagine points of view and emotional and psychological sight-lines that may not otherwise have been available to me; and I’ve

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  7. Oxford honours ‘Inspirational’ Aquinas College teacher

    Aquinas College Biology teacher Anna Knowles is one of only ten state school and college teachers from across Britain that has been honoured as an ‘inspirational teacher’ by Oxford University, as part of an awards scheme designed to recognise excellent teachers. Anna was nominated by ex-Aquinas student Maddie O’Connor who

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  8. BTEC dance & acting show

    Aquinas show case outstanding dance & acting performances!

    Aquinas BTEC Actors and Dancers created excellent performance work for the Aquinas Showcase evening on Wednesday 23rd May 2018. There were a range of outstanding performances and the evening was well supported by parents and students. The evening was a celebration of work but also part of their exam requirements

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  9. Holly Hibbot excels at Commonwealth games!

    Aquinas college student Holly Hibbot has achieved outstanding success in swimming in the Commonwealth games. Holly won ‘an individual silver in the Women’s 400m Freestyle and bronze in the Women’s 4x200m Freestyle Relay.’ Overall this year she has achieved the following: Commonwealth Silver Medallist Commonwealth Bronze Medallist World Championship Finalist

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  10. RE trip

    Religious Studies Students visit Places of Worship in Manchester

    Recently a number of Aquinas students visited places of worship in Manchester as part of their Religious Studies course. Firstly, we visited Audacious Church, which is an Evangelical place of worship based in Salford. Its atmosphere differed greatly to that of a traditional church setting, as it was more lively and

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  11. Meningitis Trial

    Aquinas Leads the Way on Pioneering Meningitis Trial

    Aquinas College is taking part in a world leading NHS meningitis vaccine trial for teenagers; the Be on the TEAM (Teenagers Against Meningitis) trial. The study hopes to establish whether giving a group B meningococcal (MenB) vaccine to teenagers reduces carriage of this bacteria in their throat, potentially providing protection from this

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